Ricochet: verb meaning to bounce of something at an angle. 

When it comes to firearms, a ricochet can be dangerous and deadly.  When it comes to life, it can go either way.  When you fire a “bullet” from your mouth it will always be deflected in one way or another.  A bad relationship can ricochet emotional baggage into every relationship that follows.  A simple conversation can ricochet off one person and have a ripple effect into the world.

I was taking a much needed break from my school work last night and was browsing my facebook newsfeed.  I came across this post:

March 31 at 12:37am ·

 “Getting depressed over your limitations or by focusing on what you CAN’T do- you lose out on all the things you CAN do and miss out on enjoying the journey between here and there.” An amazing quote from a woman waiting for a transplant. She has very low lung capacity and working out is her passion. She has figured out a way. I am going to get to know this lady!

This is the kind of thing that REALLY empowers me and gives me encouragement to keep doing what i’m doing! I posted a comment on a transplant group a few days ago. When Joanels post popped up on my newsfeed I thought- that sounds like something I would say!!  (yes, another blond moment lol).  IT is not only something that i would say but it is EXACTLY WHAT I SAID IN MY COMMENT!!

Everyone who knows me presently sees me as this inspirational, motivated, strong, caring, generous person.  The truth is- I haven’t always been like this.  In fact,  for 47 years I was pretty much an a-hole.ahole

For so many years my personality would repel people and keep them an arms length away.  I WAS the ‘I” in team- hidden in the “A hole”.  Now, my personality attracts people.  Its beyond baffling to me that people have such a POSITIVE reaction to the person I am today.  I have LOTS of moments where I read a comment or message and think- are they really talking about ME?

Regina King Puckett You really don’t know how inspiring you really are to a lot of people!!
Danielle Tucci Fry: You are amazing! You have an incredible strength that is inspiring.
  •  Darren Eyler: You just keep up the fight and you will be blessed because of who you were and are now

When i read comments, emails and texts like this i am literally overcome with emotion.  I was just NOT a nice person and so selfish for soooo long. I was so negative and miserable that all i knew was depression and despair. I also complained- A LOT! about EVERYTHING!   Over the last year I have learned to not only love and like myself but I’ve learned how to LIVE and LOVE OTHERS! I’ve learned that I am the only one who is capable of controlling my life and Its up to me how happy or sad I want to be. Somehow I’ve morphed into this weird 48 year old lady with a broken down body on the outside with some kind of crazy wonderful beautiful person on the inside!  I didnt even know that “Lysa” was IN THERE!!! For so long i was just a shell of a person and the hard muscled exterior kept everyone including myself from having to see what was underneath. Today- I am amazed every day at the words that come out of my mouth!  I am SHOCKED at the affect they have on the people around me!!! For so many years I would just sit and pray EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT the same prayer: God, Please, either fix me or kill me because i just can’t live like this anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong with me- I just hate life and i sure as hell know that you did not put me on this earth to be miserable. Looking back now, I see that my prayers have been answered! I don’t say it often, or really at all-  but THANK YOU GOD. You saved me and I AM BEYOND BLESSED and FOREVER GRATEFUL!!

In closing I ask you these 3 simple questions:

1) When you pull the trigger with your words and actions where are you aiming?

 2) Do you ONLY hit the target or do you sometimes miss and hit something else?

 3) If the they ricochet and come back at you do they hurt or does it make you smile?  

I look forward to your comments below and don’t forget to ‘share’ and ‘follow’ my blog.  You never know where the ricochet is going to end up!

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2 thoughts on “RICOCHET..”

  1. I like the way you put it – your words or actions come back as a ricochet to you – if you wants something that doesn’t hurt when it comes back, let out something that makes others smile.


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