Free At Last!


So Im finally out of the hospital!! I’ll be staying at my mom and dads for a couple of days to rest and start the long recovery from my 137 procedures, countless scans and tests, and start healing from this virus.  While I was in the hospital I weaned myself completely off of candy, processed foods, soda, and all animal products except for dairy and chicken.  Im going to miss McDonalds and cotton candy.  I have to say though, since I cleaned up my diet I feel amazing!

So where do we go from here on this transplant journey?  All the data from the 9 days of testing will be collected, analyzed, and reviewed by each of the specialists.  Then the reports are written and sent to the entire lung trasnsplant team for a thorough review.  The transplant team will gather and discuss the overall health of my body, how declined my lungs are, and make a decision on whether or not I am healthy enough to qualify for lung transplant surgery.  From what Ive heard so far, ive passed all the test with flying colors and I am healthy as a horse and am an excellent candidate for transplant surgery.  Ultimately my life is in the hands of the transplant teams discretion and decision.  Im hopeful but not getting excited yet.

For now I am happy to be OUT of the hospital, covered in dog spit, and smelling the cow poop covered fields of spring in Walkersville, Maryland!! I will miss my little micro-loft in the city but I so happy to be back in the country!  I can’t wait to just sit out on the porch and enjoy the spring air, get back to school, and hit the range to shoot my guns.  10517565_10205240450636389_1822756061143368615_n

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Exploring Lungs For Lysa. What it was like, what happened, and what its like now.... Hang on cause its a wild ride!

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