Live from JOHNS HOPKINS: March 12, 2015

This is Lisa. Not too long ago, she gave me a treasure I will forever value: an authentic Peter Bondra jersey with the autographs of the entire 2003-04 Washington Capitals team. That includes Bondr…


First off I wanted to share this very special blog post from a sweet 14 year old girl in my college english class. Second I wanted to give you an update on what the plan of action is now that I am at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

I have been preparing my mind, body, spirit, soul, and even my dog for lung transplant surgery. I have spent years getting ready for this only to be told for 13 years straight at every single appointment “your not sick enough”.

Today I got the best news I could have ever asked for! I spoke with my transplant doctor and one of the fellows. The are most concerned about finding out what this nasty virus or whatever i caught is and fixing that. WHILE I AM here they have agreed to start the proceedings and testing to move me forward towards pursuing my actual double lung transplant! Its not going to happen immediately but the ball is officially rolling and we are moving forward.

I am the strongest physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally that i have ever been in my 48 years of life and I am ready for this! Im excited and optimistic and just beside myself that FINALLY there is a light at the end of the tunnel and to be able to actually BREATHE again is now in view. The average lifespan after transplant is 5 years. I am fully aware, prepared, and ready and even if i only get 5 months, 5 days, or 5 hours with my new lungs Im totally fine with that.  In my world though- Im not concerned with “average life expectancy”, statistics, or odds.   Ive been beating the odds, since the day my premature little body jumped out of my biological mothers womb on the 5th of July weighing 2lbs- That’s what we call


If you can see it you can achieve it…. 

Last night I rolled in here at 11pm. Alone, in a strange place, in a small curtained room with only a bed and equipment and i was wired and wide awake. It was completely quiet and the only sounds around me were from an IV machine and my EKG. While i was laying there i heard 2 voices. Big Ken and AJ. They were CLEARLY chit chatting and laughing and standing on either side of my bed. The moment i acknowledged the presence they stopped talking, looked at me, and i felt a strong hand on each of my shoulders. And just like that i felt peace and they were gone. Im not on any medication, i dont hallucinate and there is no explanation for what i experienced. I only know a calm, confidence of strength filled my barely breathing body and that was that. Oh, and i heard LOUD SNORING!       AJ AND KEN!

I have never in my life had such a strong out pouring of encouragement, support and strength ranging from people who have known me my whole life to those of you on the boards whom ive just met 2 weeks ago. However, and whatever this all came about know that I am grateful, blessed, and incredibly fortunate to have all of you in my corner. Thank you!

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Exploring Lungs For Lysa. What it was like, what happened, and what its like now.... Hang on cause its a wild ride!

4 thoughts on “Live from JOHNS HOPKINS: March 12, 2015”

  1. This brought tears to my eyes – joyful tears that you have a heart that is filled with all this gratitude and strength. All this love is the fuel you will need to help you get through it all! We won’t let you get anywhere near “empty”! Keep fighting!

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  2. Once again you have left me speachless and actually holding back tears. GOD bless you little one.
    Say the word and I will be there to sit by your bed,hold your hand or bring you junk food. I am confident GOD lead me to you for a reason.I hope you are not too uncomfortable and that the great doctors can provide some relief for those burdened lungs of yours.
    You my friend are simply wonderful. Your laugh makes be smile and the zest for life you exude is contagious. Sitting on the couch with you looking at photos of you in your younger days, when your body was so encrediblely developed. Your long gourgous blonde hair framing that beautiful face of yours – simply stunning!
    If anyone should be bitter it would be you! But it’s simply not the case.
    Your hair is now short.Your over stressed body starved and frail.
    You and the way you are approaching this ordeal is indeed amazing,and that is what will allow you to pull through and climb this mountain before you.
    HUGS and GODSPEED Lysa!


  3. You and I have had conversations about losing hope.I actually think you were listening to me. I told you to go out and live your life, didnt I?
    One day you just got up, and starting going to the shooting range. Then you were training Cooper. Then you went to Florida. One day, while in Florida you visited a zoo, which inspired you to be a zoologist. Then you came back to MD and began your courses in college to fulfill your vision and goals.
    You got sick, wound up in a hospital in Frederick, which led you to Hopkins and your Lung TX eval team.
    Do you see this pattern Lysa? Do you realize what has been going on ? What did I tell you, through those conversations we had. God has a plan for you. He will bring to you what and who you need when you need it and/or them.
    Stepping stones..there it is right before you.
    I do believe you when you say AJ and Ken were there for you. I truly do believe you. It’s happened to me.
    You are surrounded by a circle of protection and safety net of love. I’m praying for you. Love you gf..

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