Room With a View…. 3/14/15


Room with a view. I have a beautiful view of the city from where i sit and yesterdays morning sunshine actually gave me a tiny sunburn. Who would ever think to bring a pair of sunglasses to a hospital vacation!? Im a redneck country girl at heart and miss the smell of walkersville. I cant wait to get home and shoot my guns and take Cooper to the park but for now I have a panoramic view of the city from my bed and at night the city is flickering with light and action and i can almost smell the hot dogs steaming at camden yards!  It appears to be gloomy and cloudy outside but that just goes to show you that things aren’t always the way the appear.  The weather may look gray but from where Im sitting its HOT PINK and the sun is shining!  board

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Lysa Dilley Wrote

Exploring Lungs For Lysa. What it was like, what happened, and what its like now.... Hang on cause its a wild ride!

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