HOPE: My health Update March 11, 2015


Good morning!  Had to have an IV change at 4 am this morning and you know me, i got chatty and here it is 2 hours later and im wide awake so i figured I’d post an update.  Im still at Frederick Memorial Hospital- room 3032.  As of yesterday all the paperwork and insurance nonsense is straight so Im only waiting for a bed to open up and then Im off to Hopkins.  They are optimistic that it will be today-   but nobody really knows.  I am going to be treated by my awesome team of lung transplant doctors, hopefully start the process to get me onto the list.  Just wanted to clarify something.  I am going to hopkins for treatment and evaluation, not for my actual transplant.  I am very sick right now but Im not on my death bed either- i just can’t breathe.

My lungs are not improving.  The cough is getting a little better but only because its being controlled w/ cough syrup.  I still can’t breathe or take a big breath, Im on oxygen 24/7 now and sometimes just talking makes me have to shut up for a min so i can catch my breath.  The nurses like that part cause then they can get work done hahaha.   It baffles me that i get out of breath brushing my teeth but i can talk your ear off with out missing a beat.  That just doesn’t make sense lol.   I am confident that the lung transplant team will be able to turn this episode around and have me back in action soon.  The waiting part to get to Hopkins is frustrating.  I like to be prepared, i’ve packed and unpacked my suitcase and stuff about 9 times since Thursday so when they do come to transport me i wont’ need a uhaul or scramble and leave anytihng behind.  I hate that I have to leave my local visitors behind. Kevin, Kristin, Keith, Mom, Dad, Mrs Cario, Mrs Diaz, Jack, Joe, Janice, Sarah, Bob, John, friends from school, old classmates, co workers and especially my dog.  Your visits, texts, calls, emails,and facebook comments  truely brighten my day and I am so grateful for each and every one!  More to come.

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Exploring Lungs For Lysa. What it was like, what happened, and what its like now.... Hang on cause its a wild ride!

3 thoughts on “HOPE: My health Update March 11, 2015”

  1. Keep fighting Lysa – you’re an inspiration to us all! And remember what comes after the transplant, you get to be able to breathe in the cold again, so that should keep you optimistic. Get well soon!


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