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Free will is being able to have feelings of all kinds and being able to choose to NOT LET THEM CONTROL your emotions or actions.

Angry, bitter, back-biting, loving, affectionate, happy, sad, in love, out of love, hurt, neglected, rejected, abandoned, passionate, empathetic, sympathetic, etc..

We are meant to feel things– truly have FEELINGS of all kinds, even anger. Ephesians 4:26-7. BE ANGRY AND SIN NOT.

 I have some valid reasons to justify every bit of anger i feel.   However, it’s poison. Rehashing it, sharing it, and reliving it is like throwing poison at my friends and loved ones. Being and staying angry is leaving the door wide open for the enemy who roams about seeking for whom to destroy.

TODAY I am using my free will to fight- NOT like a jilted lover but like a true warrior! I will fight for freedom and I will fight for the


With dignity and grace, not like the guy on the Mr. Yuck sticker! I want to PROMOTE good feelings not gross ones. I want people to be attracted to what i have to offer not repelled.  I’m a Christian and I don’t need church to act like one but I do need to be full with the spirit.  

Lately my attitude has been like a basket of mismatched socks!  Just lost and feeling abandoned.  God has a purpose for everything in this world, even mismatched socks.  I tie one in a knot and it’s a new dog toy or I put my hand inside one, spray some pledge on,  and do some dusting.    

PS:  Thank you to whichever of my friends (STEFINI MARIE!) who visited over the last couple of weeks and drew a penis and testicles in the dust on my black entertainment center.  SO FESTIVE!  Dirty Danglers on my tv stand right next to the baby Jesus.  You need to go to confession ha ha ha.

And these are my friends… Always and forever!!

The End

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