I had a “popular” opinion once. It was an emotionally charged opinion drilled into my head after 9/11/2001.

I will never forget the morning of September 11, 2001.  

I thought I was being patriotic and supporting my country by jumping on the “hate” bandwagon.  It was justified.  I mean after all,  I WAS supporting my country in a lot of other ways as well. Working my butt off managing a tow truck company during the day and working at a bar at night. Framing houses for a summer job and also working at a restaurant at night.   I spent many years working  double shifts at the bar. I was also paying taxes, buying a home, making investments to plan for my future, going to school and doing all the responsible things that I was taught as a child that “grown” people do. I knew I was fortunate, healthy, and fed. I was generous.  With my “things”.

I was a Christian! 

I had an opinion mostly about “Muslims”.  Not just the radicals-ALL Muslims.  The easiest way to explain it would be the way  people have opinions about Christians.  For example,  when they see the “tv healers” on a big stage or Tammy Faye’s eyelashes…radicals, other faithful church-goers passing judgement based on what they have read or been taught from a book and believe “their” way is the ONLY way….radicals, or my favorite- when one Christian judges another because they’ve been convicted of something in their personal relationship and spiritual walk and another hasn’t.   I had a “mentor” at a church once tell me all the things that I HAD to change now that I  have been saved.  She meant well but her actions turned me away from that church and led me to question my own faith.  Sometimes setbacks are God’s way of saying hey, MY words are the only ones that matter… That’s why I had to slow your roll.  (My savior is hip like that and talks like a real person in words i understand lol).


Last year I met I met a 14 year old girl in my first semester of college who I talk about A LOT throughout my blog. She, like myself, is also small in stature but LARGE in heart and has made an impact in my life like no other.  Of ALL the new and awesome people I have met this year SHE is  one person who has faithfully stayed in touch and the last person I would have expected to make such an impact on my life!    Out of the blue, usually when I’m alone and “feeling” blue- I will hear a “ding”- It’s a gmail notification and I see an email from Fatima.  Not daily, weekly, and sometimes not even monthly but It’s literally JUST like that!  The other day I got an email from her and she said she hadn’t seen any blog posts for a long time and missed them and she missed me.   I didn’t have the heart to tell her the reason why I haven’t had much to say…  No transplant for me, a final dismissal from the RADICALS at Johns Hopkins Lung Transplant team, and I have to start the ENTIRE process over from scratch at a new center. Heartbreaking and NOT the news I was hoping to share during this holiday season.  Enough about me, I want to talk about this video.

There’s been a lot of outrage about refugees coming to this country.  I am guilty and I have been ANGRY!  I clicked the video above and it changed my heart….    I still believe we should take care of the citizens of our country who are starving, homeless and sick BEFORE taking on more.  The  refugee situation coming to our country is starting to remind me of a bad episode of “Animal Hoarders”.         Good hearted kind people taking in so many abandoned homeless animals that despite their best efforts to provide shelter, food and care it ends up having the complete opposite effect and the group as a whole suffers. TREMENDOUSLY.   I want to say HELL NO!!! CLOSE THE BORDERS but had someone said that to my dear friend and her small family a few short years ago there would be an empty place in my heart and life right now.  Worst of all, I would still be that ignorant, Muslim hating, prejudice jerk that the radicals in  THIS country taught me how to be.  NO, I am NOT a bleeding heart liberal nor have I turned soft.  

I have learned, grown, and progressed into the kind of human being and CHRISTIAN that God intended me to be.  

Along the way I have also learned that not all Muslims are “radical”. In fact I’ve learned some things about their beliefs and traditions which are pretty admirable. Modesty for example.  To hear a 14 year old girl say that only her immediately family and her husband will have the priviledge to see her “physical” outer beauty, meanwhile  I look around at some of our  Christian teenagers walking around.   Wearing shorts that barely cover their vagina’s, bragging about taking their boyfriend/ girlfriends virginity in 10th grade, having a mindset that “oral sex” doesn’t count… and the list goes on.  Wow.   HOW have WE become SO incredibly judgemental of others based on a few bad examples?   I’m trying to think of the last time I overheard a Muslim female judge and talk bad about a female walking around in public with boobs pushed up to their chin and butt cheeks twerking on tv.       Still thinking……..       I’ll have to say NEVER.   The worst part about “US” as a country right now?  … it’s not the refugees, religions, races, or the guns… it’s the RADICALS.

As you slowly slip into a tryptophan coma this weekend take a moment to TRULY count your blessings. Not just because it’s Thanksgiving but because YOU are SO incredibly blessed…


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Lysa Dilley Wrote

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4 thoughts on “RADICALS & REFUGEES”

  1. You are a gifted writer..dont ever stop expressing yourself. Have you ever thought about writing a book based on your life’s journey , experiences and lessons? I know it would be a big hit !

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  2. Hey Lysa, I really liked this and I’m glad I was able to change your perspective. You’re a great writer and keep on blogging 😀
    You always credit me with more than I deserve though! :/


    1. There’s a big difference between the bad Muslims and the real Muslims, and the definition of being patriotic is to love and be loyal to your country and not to hate people, and I’m glad you’re able to see that 🙂

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