HOPE: My Health Update Wed. March 4, 2015


Hi everyone!  I hope this post finds all of you well.  Except those of you in climates with out snow and ice because well, that shits just not fair lol.

Anyway, I was admitted at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick, MD room 3032 on Sunday.  The lung transplant team at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD would like to take over my care at this point and as soon as they have a bed opening I will be transported there.

I am doing fine mentally which everyone knows is whats most important… If your heads not in the game theres no point in even playing!    I believe that where the mind goes, the man follows.  My favorite Joyce Meyers quote!  My breathing is rough right now.  I feel kinda feel sorry for all my healthy friends who have to do an hour on the treadmill to accomplish the same cardio workout I can in a 5 min conversation 🙂

Here is my contact information for anyone who would like to facetime, text, or reach me. THANK YOU ALL for the overwhelming volume of interest and activity you have been giving my blog! I am so deeply touched and I am proud that I I can be an inspiration to so many people that until last week had no idea even knew who I was.

With AJ’s passing I lost one incredible man who has supported me through so much but SINCE his passing I now have about 7,000 of his supporters who have selflessly picked up where he left off and I am truly grateful for each and everyone of you!! The texts, comments, facebook messages, and emails have really touched my heart and have given me new strength that i didnt even know was possible.  THANK YOU!

Lysa Dilley  301 514 7895

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Exploring Lungs For Lysa. What it was like, what happened, and what its like now.... Hang on cause its a wild ride!

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