You Have to Give It Away To Keep It

There’s an old “AA”  slogan i learned many years ago- “you have to give it away to keep it”.  The reference was to sobriety but it applies to EVERYTHING in life. Some call it ‘karma”. “generosity”, “tithing”  or just plain old “kind hearted”…I call it

“Instant Gratification”  

The best results are when they are random, AND anonymous.  With organ transplant you agree to donate your organs but you aren’t really giving anything up. After all, you will be dead so what do you need them for anyway?  Some may argue that donors are giving their LIFE but they are not dying on purpose and although the family suffers great loss- the individual donor just doesnt. When you let go or sacrifice something that has great value to you personally but an infinite value to someone else- thats when you experience; certain joy- in abundance- and overflowing!  Instant gratification!

10985468_10206043887601811_2402295020347499235_nThis is my friend Fatima. She is 14 and in my English class at college. Shes so awesome! Her blog blew me away!

 Shes a huge hockey fan!!!  In fact, I don’t have actual proof but Im fairly certain she was born in a hockey rink or played w/ pucks when she was a teething baby.  Today i gave her my authentic Peter Bondra Capitals jersey which Chuck Buckler had gotten autographed by the entire team and given to me 12 years ago. I feel so blessed that i was able to give her something that was  an awesome collectible for me but a valued treasure to her.

I was told i should sell that jersey on ebay… Im gonna be honest. There isn’t enough money in the world that could give me the satisfaction and joy i got from giving it away today! Another amazing day today in this thing we call “life”. I don’t have tons of money like i used too but i am so thankful that i am fortunate to have the ability and resources from my old life to create random acts of priceless moments!  

~Why settle for ordinary when you can have extra-ordinary?  Why have superficial, materialistic joy that is only temporary when you can have something better that will last a lifetime?  

I challenge each and everyone of you to step out of your comfort zone and give away one of your favorite things to someone who would not have the resources to acquire it on their own.

I Am anxious to see how your pro-active approach to accessing unlimited joy while giving it away to others creates a difference in yourself and the people around you.

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7 thoughts on “You Have to Give It Away To Keep It”

  1. Giving away something you treasure can make a person’s entire life that much better. Spur-of-the-moment gifts – without any prior notice – are the best, because the person is not aware that they are getting a gift and the resulting joy is amplified as a result.
    And when it comes to organ donation – if you’re dead, why would you need those organs, anyway? Give them to someone who needs them, you might save a life!


  2. I used to be the most self centered, self absorbed egomaniac with an inferiority complex.. I was truly bewildered when I walked into a world where people discussed “Giving it away to keep it”. It took me a while to realize that when I shared something of myself with others, I was giving a part of myself that I could never get back. In turn, I would fill my life with compassion, usefulness by service. And when I am stepping outside of myself to be of service to others, I am no longer thinking of myself, my problems or my own self will. Thank you for sharing your experience and your gifts, I will be on the lookout for some way I can brighten someone else’s day with some of my things!! Thanks for the idea!!

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    1. Just reading over some of my old posts and re read your comment Marianne. You are so well spoken!! I also just remembered the coin I sent you! That was AWESOME to be able to pass that along to you!!! That actually WAS meant to be a “pat on the back” but also to remind you that that “world” you speak of actually does work 🙂 LOVE YOU!!!


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